Saturday, December 25, 2010

Exercise as an Addiction

    For those of you just starting out, you may not realize how addicting exercise can be. I began lifting weights one summer in college out of boredom and I haven't been able to stop. I work at a gym with a huge number of members (in the thousands) and i see the same people at the same times everyday. At first it is challenging and seems pointless, but you must have patience. You must persist. You will not regret it. DO NOT give up if you feel weak or out of shape because you can change those things. As soon as you have a good regiment stick with it for six weeks. Force yourself to use that gym membership. After you start seeing results whether it is the distance or speed you can run, the amount of weight you can lift or the toning and definition you see then you won't want to stop. you'll feel guilty when you miss a day or you don't get a good workout in. It becomes an addiction, but a good one :)

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