Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lowering Rest Time Between Sets

Many of us struggle with plateus. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's when your body adapts to your routine and you stop seeing results. There are many ways to get around this, one being lowering rest time in between sets. When you lower rest time in between sets your workout becomes more of an aerobic workout. It increases your muscular endurance and forces more blood to your muscles causing a temporary increase in muscle size. This is often referred to as your "pump". Typical rest times are between 60-90 seconds or longer depending on how heavy of weight you are lifting. By decreasing your rest times to 30 seconds for a week you'll notice that when you return to your normal rest times that you can do more reps and have more endurance, thus overcoming the plateau. At first this technique can be challenging but the pump you experience is great. I personally use this technique one to two weeks a month.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Workout Supplements

I have used and experimented with a very wide range of supplements. The two that I noticed the biggest results from were Whey Protein and NO-Explode. Taking NO-Explode before my workouts gave me tons of energy. I call it motivation in a bottle because as soon as you take you just want to get to the gym and workout. I love that stuff and would strongly recommend it to men and women. Whey protein is a dietary supplement to help you build muscle. Take it after workouts to help build lean muscle. Protein supplements are the most important supplements for weightlifters of all skill levels. One supplement most people assume is crucial are vitamins. This may sound dumb but vitamins never impacted me when I took them. I never noticed a difference when I was on them or off them. I don't take vitamins and a lot of my friends that are big time weight lifters don't either. There are many places to buy supplements. I personally use The shipping is always fast, and the prices are always cheap. They also email you every once in a while with good coupons. I DO NOT work for any of the companies I just mentioned. I am simply telling you the products that worked for me and the best way to get them. There are many other supplements out there that you can experiment with. I recommend checking the forums on supplements at There are lots of educational reviews and ratings. Remember to research a product before you buy it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

What is Hypertrophy?

Hypertrophy is what everyone trying to gain lean mass is trying to achieve. Hypertrophy occurs when physical activity breaks down your muscles forcing them to rebuild bigger, leaner, and stronger.  You have to work hard to achieve hypertrophy. The best way to know you've gotten there is to be finishing your workout and thinking..."Man, I am going to be sore tomorrow." Then you will be sore for a few days. During these days it is essetial to get adaquate rest so that your muscles can rebuild. Afterward you will be slightly bigger stronger and more defined.

for more information check out this article

P.S. Hypertrophy is not only for bodybuilders. This information is beneficial to anyone who lifts weights.

Gym Membership V.S. Training at Home

    Working out at home for me is not an option. To isolate your muscles and get a good workout you have to have certain equipment. You can't live off of lunges and push-ups and get the results you want. Instead of buying equipment I would rather buy a year membership at the gym. It's not expensive and they have all of the equipment you need. Working out at the gym is motivating as well. When I'm at home I procrastinate and never seem to get things done, too many distractions. When I go to the gym I know that I'm there to work. At the gym you can meet people, learn tips and tricks and meet a potential workout partner which is an invaluable asset to have. It's a no-brainer save your money and buy a membership at your local gym, just make sure you use it.

Legs are Important!

Despite what some people think, weight lifting with your legs is extremely important. If you don't lift legs it is nearly impossible to grow and break plateaus. Your body is an amazing piece of equipment, it naturally wants to grow symmetrically, meaning, your upper body will not grow as fast if your lower body is not growing. exercising your legs releases more growth hormones than any other muscle group and also burns the most calories. If you are looking to cut fat and put on lean mass all over your body make sure you dedicate a day to your legs every week.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Exercise as an Addiction

    For those of you just starting out, you may not realize how addicting exercise can be. I began lifting weights one summer in college out of boredom and I haven't been able to stop. I work at a gym with a huge number of members (in the thousands) and i see the same people at the same times everyday. At first it is challenging and seems pointless, but you must have patience. You must persist. You will not regret it. DO NOT give up if you feel weak or out of shape because you can change those things. As soon as you have a good regiment stick with it for six weeks. Force yourself to use that gym membership. After you start seeing results whether it is the distance or speed you can run, the amount of weight you can lift or the toning and definition you see then you won't want to stop. you'll feel guilty when you miss a day or you don't get a good workout in. It becomes an addiction, but a good one :)

Exercise Advice for Women

    Women are you afraid to lift weights in the gym? I know a lot of women who are. Some are intimidated by free weights. Others are afraid they will pack on muscle mass and look like a man, so most women stick to cardio. By not lifting weights though you will never achieve the results you want. Weight lifting is a crucial part of losing fat and toning up. Most of the people you see in the gym that have the best looking bodies are lifting weights.  And how many women do you see in the gym that look like the hulk? practically none. Women's bodies are much different from men's in terms of hormones, so instead of putting on a lot of muscle women typically tone up. So don't be afraid to go over there and do some different exercises, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.