Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Workout Supplements

I have used and experimented with a very wide range of supplements. The two that I noticed the biggest results from were Whey Protein and NO-Explode. Taking NO-Explode before my workouts gave me tons of energy. I call it motivation in a bottle because as soon as you take you just want to get to the gym and workout. I love that stuff and would strongly recommend it to men and women. Whey protein is a dietary supplement to help you build muscle. Take it after workouts to help build lean muscle. Protein supplements are the most important supplements for weightlifters of all skill levels. One supplement most people assume is crucial are vitamins. This may sound dumb but vitamins never impacted me when I took them. I never noticed a difference when I was on them or off them. I don't take vitamins and a lot of my friends that are big time weight lifters don't either. There are many places to buy supplements. I personally use www.bodybuilding.com. The shipping is always fast, and the prices are always cheap. They also email you every once in a while with good coupons. I DO NOT work for any of the companies I just mentioned. I am simply telling you the products that worked for me and the best way to get them. There are many other supplements out there that you can experiment with. I recommend checking the forums on supplements at www.bodybuilding.com. There are lots of educational reviews and ratings. Remember to research a product before you buy it.

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